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Going to the king's warehouse, the woman sought out a jar marked "poison" containing the remnants of the grapes that had spoiled and were now deemed undrinkable.

After drinking the fermented wine, she found her spirits lifted.

It has been hypothesized that early humans climbed trees to pick berries, liked their sugary flavor, and then begun collecting them.

After a few days with fermentation setting in, juice at the bottom of any container would begin producing low-alcohol wine.

The carvings on the Audience Hall, known as Apadana Palace, in Persepolis, demonstrate soldiers of subjected nations by the Persian Empire bringing gifts to the Persian king.

We specialise in Blanquette de Limoux because we think that these wines, that are only allowed to be produced in a small area around Limoux, fully deserve such a specialised website.According to this theory, things changed around 10.000-8000 BC with the transition from a nomadic to a sedentism style of living, which led to agriculture and wine domestication.Wild grapes grow in Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, the northern Levant, coastal and southeastern Turkey, and northern Iran.She took her discovery to the king, who became so enamored of his new drink that he not only accepted the woman back but also decreed that all grapes grown in Persepolis would be devoted to winemaking.

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Wine played an important role in ancient Egyptian ceremonial reporting that Dakota Johnson and Jon Hamm may be an item.

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