Updating laptop cmos bios

25-Jul-2017 09:58

updating laptop cmos bios-79

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Since BIOS updates can add new features and considerable stability to their products, it was definitely in the manufacturer's best interest to find an easier and more fault resistant way for consumers to update a BIOS.

But as soon as you kill the power at the power strip, all power to the board is lost.This is why you can restore your BIOS to its default settings simply by removing the motherboard battery for a few minutes. The motherboard manufacturer provides a file which will overwrite the default file on the CMOS chip itself, providing the motherboard with a new or updated set of controls. I then rebooted and corrected the date and time, loaded and saved the factory CMOS defaults, and the computer starts fine. Unless the computer has been subjected to a power surge I can't understand why this should be occurring. (usually the ' ' side of the battery should be face up). (I'm a retired sound and communications service tech.All the while there was a lurking danger - if something went wrong, you would be left with an essentially unusable motherboard…

Not an operation for the novice, and not one that even PC enthusiasts approached with enthusiasm.

When I get real ambitious I get into the motherboard.