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All reports have been implemented using a set of reporting views.These views provide a more user-friendly source for ad hoc reporting by pre-joining key records under a human-readable database schema.Intelli Mine Reporting The DISPATCH system features the Intelli Mine Reporting system that includes a comprehensive library of 65 standard reports.Additional reports can be authored using either Microsoft® Visual Studio® or a drag-and-drop report builder.The module tracks travel times for each road segment, and it uses a rolling average to project future travel times.Once the road segments have been built up into a road network, the module calculates the best path between all locations, for use by the Optimization module.system is the most trusted fleet management solution in the mining industry today.

Also, an objective log of over-speed events is automatically generated and centrally stored.

The equipment's operating time is separated into several distinct stages—for example, a haulage cycle includes Travel Empty/Full, Spot/Queue, Load, and Dump. Once the times have been recorded, they can be analyzed against other loads and/or other equipment to determine the efficiency of the operator's cycle.

Haulage Tracking The Haulage Tracking module incorporates location, time, and equipment information to create a cohesive picture of your mine's haulage system.

The DISPATCH© System is engineered to help operators, supervisors, dispatchers, and managers work together to achieve your mine's top-level goals.

Position Tracking The Position Tracking module plots the GPS position of equipment against a map of the mine.

Further features include GPS-based equipment positioning, equipment health monitoring, maintenance tracking, blending, and production reporting.