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The newly discovered type, complex sleep apnea, is a combination of both obstructive and central sleep apneas.Patients with complex sleep apnea at first appear to have obstructive sleep apnea and stop breathing 20 to 30 times per hour each night.Here's a look at a few CPAP mask styles and some possible benefits of each.Work with your doctor and CPAP mask supplier to make sure you have a mask that suits your needs and fits you properly.Towards the end of the year, you're more likely to have met your insurance deductible for (DME).Once that number's been met, your coverage activates, meaning equipment like CPAP masks, tubing, filters, headgear, and even the CPAP machine itself may be fully or partially covered by your insurance plan.However, if you've already met your deductible for this fiscal year, you may find that your replacement CPAP supplies are fully or partly covered by your insurance.

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With central sleep apnea, the brain does not send proper signals to the muscles that control breathing.You have sleep apnea, you've been using your CPAP machine for a while, and it's helping you — but maybe you'd like to try a new style of mask that's more comfortable or simply more up-to-date.You may be asking yourself, "When should I get a new CPAP mask?Why not re-order at year's end, when you have a high likelihood of getting the cost covered?

You may also need to replace your mask if you answer "yes" to any of the items on the following CPAP mask replacement checklist: Check over your CPAP equipment; in addition to your mask, are other parts looking worn?

If so, consider calling your DME to talk about your options for replacing old equipment.