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It is dominated by mollusks (especially mussels), echinoderms and polychaetes, although a wide range of other prey items may be eaten, including other crustaceans, brittle stars and cnidarians.It only requires a few bacterial cells to cause death of otherwise healthy lobsters.

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Lobsters have two urinary bladders, located on either side of the head.Paramoebiasis is strongly suspected to play a prominent role in the rapid die-off of American lobsters in Long Island Sound that occurred in the summer of 1999.Excretory calcinosis in American lobsters in Long Island Sound was described in 2002.The antennae measure about 2 in (51 mm) long and split into Y-shaped structures with pointed tips.

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Each tip exhibits a dense zone of hair tufts staggered in a zigzag arrangement.The red discoloration comes from astaxanthin, a carotenoid pigment exported to the blood during times of stress.