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She stated that she stayed two days with her sister and that when she returned appellee had changed all the locks.

She said that eventually appellee gave her a new key and that from May 2002 to August 2002, they lived at opposite ends of the marital home. Quite often, the party whose conduct is more egregious is also the first offender.

He said that sometime in early 2002, appellant informed him that she had won around 5,000 at the casino and that she had hidden “somewhere between 1,000 and 1,000” from appellee.

Appellee testified that appellant began gambling in 2001 and that, by early 2002, he began to suspect that her gambling was out of hand.

Despite separating on June 17, 2002, the parties continued to share the marital residence until August 2002.

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John Thomas Wilson, appellant's son, testified that he lived with the parties up until their separation. He said during the marriage, appellant had several illnesses and that, when appellee came home from work, appellant was usually in bed. App.1979) , appellant committed adultery, it is the province of the trial court to determine which party's conduct was more egregious. Wilson testified that appellant went to the casinos every other weekend. However, when one party's conduct is more egregious than the other's conduct, it is proper to grant a divorce to the party whose conduct is the lesser of the two. Appellant said that appellee would spend every weekend at their property in Chidester.

In July 2001, appellant began going to the casinos in Shreveport.

He said that at that time he learned that, instead of the ,000 that appellant said she had won, appellant's actual winnings for 2001 were 1,000.

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