Ron ng and kate tsui dating

31-Jan-2018 08:16

Tavia: I will pick Linda because I have watched more of Linda's series.

Her performace in "Heart of Greed" made me quite 刮目相看.

But I saw "When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West", and she can spend a little more time [on acting].

I am not familiar with Tracy "Moonlight Resonance", we had little contact.

My deepest impression of Tracy is her being a host.

As for her series, I do not dare to say if it is good or not, but all I can say is she can be better! All of the other girl' have rumours as though they are being instructed to do so. We have even held hands and walked in Causeway Bay and still no rumours! Just like she said, her fa dan status is from her years of hard work.

His romance with ex-girlfriend, Viann Zhang did not end on a good note and was plagued by scandals one after another.

First, he was accused of dating multiple women at the same time and then his explicit phone messages with an unknown woman surfaced.

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Besides, she is from Miss Chinese International, and I am from TVB's Acting Class. I am quite proud that I am from TVB's Acting Class and that I have not participated in Miss Hong Kong. The most we interacted was at Claire Yiu's wedding. I first met her because of the filming of "On the First Beat".

While filming for in Sanya, Hainan, Ron’s wild party behaviour with co-star Toby Leung was published.