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27-Sep-2017 17:24

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Prepare a list of possible conversation topics When you phone a girlfriend, topics just seem to roll seamlessly from one to the next.

When you are talking to a man, however, you are going to have to prize any news from him, so be prepared with a list of topics you want talk about.

He’ll also be impressed that you keep up to date with such things.4.

Give him a chance to talk Make sure that it’s not you who is making the conversation one sided.

When you ask a question, give him time to reply, before you jump in with the next one.

If you want a long and meaningful conversation with a guy, then you are going to have to help him out a little.

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Read these ten tips and find out how to turn a brief telephone conversation with a man into a great one:1.

Asking him to wait a second will give you the time to think of a way to get the conversation going again.7.