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Meanwhile, the band's drum major is also decked out in an elaborate uniform and conducts the band with a sword.He plants his sword at the center of the field before every game, to the roar of the crowd.For some perspective, here's a rare aerial balloon photo of LA from 1887 (north is roughly to the left); USC was founded on the southern edge of (town off the photo to the right) next to a fair ground called “Agricultural Park” (now Exposition Park).Meanwhile, despite being founded 8 years after USC, Stanford jumped ahead in every category because it was closer to the wealth and population.This is Hollywood's college band, having appeared in a variety of shows and movies, ranging from the Naked Gun, to playing Alabama's band in Forrest Gump, to Glee.The band has played multiple Academy Awards (my favorite was “Blame Canada” in 2000), multiple Grammys (with Outkast and Radiohead), on American Idol, at Coachella and travels internationally every other year. The lyrics and tune are catchy, and it was used by American soldiers during the Pacific Theater of WWII.

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The calls to boycott Yahoo and its investigative department?

Honestly_ was at the 2000 game where that galloping tradition ended as Traveler knocked down a totally unwitting guy on the sideline (the guy was okay). Despite a penchant for biting tires, opposing mascots and a few people, folks were willing to look past his faults.