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Journaling on a regular basis helped me pinpoint what was building me up–sticking to my routines–and what was tearing me down, which included constantly checking social media and email (I later realized my knack for cold-turkey abstention exercises and gave those up for a month, too–here’s how that went).

This made it a lot easier to take concrete action steps that improved my life, advanced my career, and grew my self-esteem.

Namely, I was more than a little freaked out about this “purpose” thing.

Having been so preoccupied with either finagling a new relationship or holding one together, I’d never had to think about the “p” word before. And I realized I needed to make some headway on deciding what to do with my life, because in the meantime, my quarter-life existential crisis was giving me panic attacks.

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All free members receive 50 credits when they sign up as a way of saying thank you for joining our online dating network. If you refer our site to someone you know and they become a member, you can earn yourself up to 10 credits per referral.But to avoid being a broke diarist for the rest of my days, I also asked myself who I could possibly to do? The only problem was that I sucked: I got rejected by the first 30 publications I pitched.

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I don't know where I would be now if I didn't click a link three years ago, and taken that leap.… continue reading »

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An open marriage is transparent, with agreed-upon rules and an understanding of what both parties will and will not do with others. I recognize what Frank and Claire Underwood have in although I like to think my husband and I aren't as soulless as their characters. He was the only boyfriend I've ever told the truth to about how many men I'd slept with, because I believed that no matter what I said, he'd never judge me. After about six months of late-night booty calls, Dave and I settled into a proper relationship and started calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend. After not hearing from him for an evening, I'd go ballistic.… continue reading »

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He left the main cast 5 episodes into Season 8 and was credited as a recurring cast member for 8 episodes.… continue reading »

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As per the instructions I removed the printer and re-added it.… continue reading »

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