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24-Dec-2017 16:45

Microsoft pulled the bot offline, and its failed experiment was used as a cautionary tale for how not to create artificial intelligence.

Unleashing Zo on Kik, which is popular with teens and young adults, instead of Twitter is an interesting pivot for Microsoft.

Tay was meant to be a cheeky young person you could talk to on Twitter.

Users tried -- successfully -- to get the bot to say racist and inappropriate things.

Conversation was recorded on tape cell phone, so he literally written in the story).

(Author’s note, that my, if you notice, he says that “you”, then “you”.

Biting his lip, restrained moaning Natalia instinctively raises his hips and instinctively clutched his knees.

Shoving in her term, a gentleman made a few jerks and when their hips touched, their bodies were wet from the effort.

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"Twitter is public and people have a lot of different opinions.

She will say something like, "I don't feel comfortable talking about that, let's talk about something else," if a user tries to get Zo to say something racist or offensive.