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Winners receive 0,000 and a “record deal” with Universal Music Group.Menlik Zergabachew, a 19-year old from Maryland, brought smiles to the judges’ faces when he chose Sublime’s to sing.If the judges enjoy “The Voice” they hear, they’ll hit a button to have their seat turned around to view “The Voice”.

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His music dealt with many of the same social issues we face today — including police brutality, addiction and marijuana legalization.

The unflinching and sharply satirical eye Nowell offered these subjects should serve as a model for generations of songwriters to come.

With "Sublime" tattooed on his back (courtesy of Opie Ortiz) he took the band wherever there was enough booze to keep suburban life from being such a fat stick in the ass bum out.

We were at a beach called AD's, which is a fifteen -minute hike from the highway and the sun was going down so the sky was streaks of purple but we were too noisy to be part of something pastoral because no one could figure out who this guy Bert Susanka was. No matter that we were in Hawaii three thousand miles from California. Brad loved songs even more than he loved forties and bong rips. Bud met Brad at Cal State where they'd get drunk together and the three got a rehearsal space.