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29-Jun-2017 20:35

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Foe what it’s worth, the app requires the user to pay in order to connect with a probable match.That being said, a user who receive an invite from another user can connect for free.With some unique features such as Voice Intro, Tag Search, Question Cast and Direct Messaging, this app proves to be rather engaging for the user.The algorithm of this app, helps find matches based on your interest tags and for what it’s worth, you can actually search for probable matches, just on the basis of a single tag that you feel interests you the most.Highly personalised to suit one’s likes and preferences, the app can also be adjusted as per the lifestyle that one chooses to follow.

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And just in case you’re too worried of running out on time, the app allows you to extend the ticking clock for another 24 hours for a maximum of one connection per day.

The app promises the protection of the user data, an aspect which is taken care of by one of the most top-notch Security Systems & Technology Company.

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