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I so wish it had been a Clue scorecard instead so we'd know the location and the and inside Keira Knightley and is also related to Greer Garson (!!! No what is sad is that this seems to have provided an excuse for aggressive misogynistic language to be thrown around the net and the fact that when quoting from "Mean Girls", people so often miss the point. She's like, yeah, I fucked ALL ya men, and I'm outing them on a SCATTERGORIES score sheet lmao! And I currently still hold "pariah" status with my generation because I object. Some of these names are the only things that Lindsay can be proud about. Sad not that Lindsey supposedly made a list, or that it's being splashed all over the internet or that the blacked out names are "allegedly "married men. It's nothing that men haven't been doing since forever. But it's still a movement; albeit a stupid one. Nathaniel your article is interesting and amusing but this situation generally makes me sad. I think I will need to be caught with tar in my lungs before I "get" Zac Efron.

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Making their awards ceremony debut on the closing night of the festival, the couple sat next to each other throughout the night., neither of the actors had publicly commented on the nature of their relationship until now.

) you probably saw this list which is rumored to be in Lindsay Lohan's own all caps writing, detailing her sexual history. ) so he's been absurdly blessed by life.] • I heard people on the internetz (happy birthday internet!

Bless her.• Zac Efron is also spelled wrong but everyone reading TFE knows that I have committed the same sin. • If this is a sex list why isn't that DJ Samantha Lindsay was steady with listed? It's perfect] • Lindsay doesn't seem to have any clear preferences beyond major attractiveness: musicians, movie stars, non headline tv regulars, and P. the best thing about this list is that it's sending me back to great memories of Vickie Miner (Janeane Garofalo) in . She kept a similar list if you'll recall though her hand writing had more personality. It's bad porn without the fun parts)***I don't find Zac Efron attractive at all, either. I don't think James Franco is gay BUT it wouldn't surprise me if he tried sex with men a couple of times just to see what it's like since you know, he's the try anything type of guy.

they certainly play characters of similar ages) and similar personalities.

I'm going to imagine that since Nico and Evan are right next to each other that it was a threesome since those two are similar ages (right?

Some other directors, sure, but this is play out Paul Schrader being forced to use crummy low-rent actors to tell a skeezy, boring Bret Easton Ellis story.