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The new vocalist was confirmed as Edith Frances, My Space, Facebook,, Twitter, Sound Cloud, You Tube,,, Bandcamp,, You Tube,,,,, Wikipedia too cool for school, Crystal Castles look and sound amazing, propelling trance beats and electro synths over a Goth rock aesthetic that's equal parts visceral, exciting and alarming when experienced live ...

their debut album is a 10/10 game changer, second album suffered a bit by comparison , just released third album sees them returning to their thrilling best. There's a lot to say here, so I'll try to keep it short and get the obvious outta the way: I don't mind sampling, everyone does it, but they were so snotty about the way they did it.

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Despite what others say, I think CC has a highly unique sound. (Honestly, their beats are insanely boring and lifeless). I mean, you make it REALLY obvious that you're trying REALLY hard to look cool when every pic taken of you has you looking unhappy and out-of-it with a whiskey bottle in your hand and a cig in your mouth... But this shit doesn't rock and you clearly do give a fuck based on how hard you try.

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"Courtship Dating" was the first single on the debut album by Ontario music group Crystal Castles.

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Alice Glass left the group in October 2014, and Crystal Castles was said to be disbanded, though new Crystal Castles music was posted online in 2015 featuring a new vocalist.

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