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30-Sep-2017 17:23

Superficially, Sakura Trick appears to be an anime which caters to the most lowly and deprived among men; conceited critics dismiss it as such often without a second thought.

As self-important as these self-proclaimed critics are, they fail to realize that Sakura Trick is indeed a trick, and they are the ones being tricked.

But what will happen to their relationship once a disapproving older sister begins to suspect that something is going on between the two? " by SAKURA*TRICK [Haruka Takayama (Haruka Tomatsu), Yuu Sonoda (Yuka Iguchi), Kotone Noda (Yuuka Aisaka), Shizuku Minami (Hiromi Igarashi), Kanade Ikeno (Mai Fuchigami), Yuzu Iizuka (Megumi Toda)] This right here is a cult classic, a chef d'oeuvrea buried under erroneous preconceptions and unfounded criticism.

This gem is obscured because it does not shine; it is buried because its tone is that of abyssal black.

Despite the lack of explicit intercourse in Sakura Trick, male viewers nonetheless experience a craving for the girls’ well-being instead of jealousy and contempt for one of them as would be rational.

This paradox challenges not only the Darwinian theories of evolution, but also Freud’s theories of sexuality.

The entire visible layer of Sakura Trick is a euphemistic veil obfuscating the dark and uncanny human psyche which it explores; any tangible material is a metaphor for its meticulous meta-analysis of the metaphysical mentality’s pubertal metamorphosis.

As brilliantly put by Charles Baudelaire, “La sexualité est le lyrisme des masses.” In Ulysses, James Joyce subverts gender conceptions by deconstructing sexual stereotypes; in Lolita, Vladimir Nobakov delves into the abnormal perversion of hebephilia; in Doctor Glas, Hjalmar Soderberg studies sexual catharsis through murder; in Aquarion EVOL, Shoji Kawamori studies the manifestation of repressed sexuality as love.

Sakura Trick is unshackled from such rigidities - by investigating high school girls in late puberty, a time and setting in which sexuality is at its most volatile, and doing so through homosexuality rather than the vapid norm, it sheds light on the enigma which has eluded psychologists for centuries.

A certain je ne sais quoi of the girls are successful in generating not just physical, but more importantly emotional cravings from the audience.

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