Academic paper on why programming is so intimidating

25-Jan-2018 04:37

I definitely recommend that everyone should go to a hackathon at least once — think about what roles you might want to try out, and figure out what kind of technology you’re interested in learning to help choose what might be a good fit. Facebook literally ran the event for 24 hours straight, providing enough food and caffeine to keep us going until the end.It was *incredibly* well supported (which I didn’t expect) and had a surprisingly high number of people staying until the end for demos and pitches (which I also didn’t expect).Definitely scale down the scope of your hackathon project.Hackathons are a great place to try new things (technologies, libraries, hardware, etc.) but stuff is 100% guaranteed to break in a weird way and you’ll spend half your time debugging something really simple.Think about all the work that goes into a VR experience: At a hackathon, you can take on any role(s) you want. I once attended a hackathon where a participant didn’t dive into a certain area, but instead took on team lead to make sure everyone was on the same page.

"When we're looking at the way people in our companies are going out and acting in the community, they're representing our companies," Dryden said."There's a lot of power in seeing the other women around you speak up about these issues and know that you're not alone, and that people are there to help you and support you," said Dryden.

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